Struganik stone


Struganik stone slab is a marly limestone with thickness varying from 1-8cm. It has been exploited for over a century and it is used in the form of naturally broken mosaic and cut plates.

Its color is dominantly yellow, although it could also be found in sky blue colour. The surface can be coarse or totally flat.
Broken plates (from 3 to 5cm thick) are used for paving paths and for cladding walls and concrete plinths (from 1 to 2cm thick). Staircases can also be constructed using this stone.
Cut plates have a wide range of use.

It can be cut into bands 2-3cm or 5cm wide, the so called bars, used for complete wall cladding or partial wall cladding as a detail.



10cm wide plates or bars are used for cladding concrete plinths; 20cm wide bars are used for constructing paths, staircases and for cladding walls. For the construction of fences we use 8-10cm wide and 6 or more centimeters thick cut slabs.
Depending on your taste the cut plates can be totally unprocessed, with partly processed surface – the so called “krajc”, or with a fully processed surface and shape – the so called “bunja” (a rectangular shaped plate).
It can also be cut in bars wider than 20cm for the mixed construction including naturally broken and cut plates. Cut plates can also be used for the construction of parapet and covers for the fence columns.

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